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Meet Geff and Sarah

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Geff Malone, Owner

Geff has been a dedicated bodybuilder for over 25 years. He has competed in many all-natural bodybuilding events since 2002, when he placed first in the Northern California Natural bodybuilding competition, as well as the San Francisco Grand Prix overall Masters division. In 2003, he defended his crown and took the gold again in the Northern California Natural.

Geff continues his rigorous training, but has now shifted his focus toward managing the Max Muscle store and offering advice to aspiring fitness athletes. You can find Geff at the shop Monday through Friday. Give him a call at (831) 462-6629; or if you're more of a typer than a talker, Geff would be happy to personally answer your question through e-mail as well using our handy contact form. You may also click here to ask him a training-related question and have it posted online.

Geff's Statsheet
Height:5' 9"
Weight:215 lbs.
Years Training:25
Favorite Sport:Football
Favorite Cheat Meal:In-n-Out Burger (3 x 3 with cheese!)
Hobbies:Washing his Hummer H2
Children:Jordan, 20; Adam, 17; Gigi, 16
Pets:Two dogs, both Boxers: Bella and Rufus

Sarah Malone, Owner

Sarah has been training for over eight years. Her modeling career began in 2003 and she has been featured in several magazines, such as Oxygen Magazine, Muscle Mag, and Max Sports and Fitness. Sarah has worked with many fitness photographers, including Bill Dobbins and Terry Goodlad.

Sarah has now dedicated her career to bodybuilding and figure coaching for both men and women. She also helps Geff manage Max Muscle by coming down to the shop a few days a week. Click this link to ask Sarah a question about coaching, supplements, and training.

To read a little more about Sarah's story, click here.

Sarah's Statsheet
Weight:105 lbs.
Years Training:8
Favorite Cheat Meal:Mama Mia's Pizza
Hobbies:Shopping and watching "Tutors"
Step-children:Jordan, 20; Adam, 17; Gigi, 16
Pets:Two dogs, both Boxers: Bella and Rufus

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